Texas CDBG

Suzanne Barnard
[email protected]
Rudy Betancourt
[email protected]
TX Depts of Agriculture & Housing and Community Affairs

CDBG Formula
Architectural Barrier Removal
Public Facilities and Improvements
Public Services
Privately-Owned Utilities
Special Economic Development Activities
Homeownership Assistance
Planning and Capacity Building
Program Administration Costs   

In order of most common projects: basic infrastructure (water, sewer, streets, drainage),  elimination of slum/blight (downtown sidewalks and lighting), clearance / repair of damage from natural disaster,  Fire protection (fire trucks, ambulances, and related equipment), community facilities (community centers, parks, heath clinics),  other eligible activities             

Public Services
Planning & Technical Assistance
Rental/Mortgage assistance      

Food Bank Assistance, Rental/Mortgage Assistance, Legal Services for Persons with Disabilities, and Relief to Disability Providers

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