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Calfee Community and Cultural Center

From 1894 to 1966, the Calfee Training School educated African American children in Pulaski, VA. Faced with severe underfunding from Jim Crow segregation, the Calfee Training School became a
community, helping children and their families reach their full potential. The future Calfee Community & Cultural
Center will revitalize the positive aspects of this legacy, by supporting all of Pulaski County’s children, families, and organizations
building a stronger future for the region.

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Old Forest Village

Lynchburg, VA, Congressional District VA-6 ContactWillie FobbsVirginia Department of Housing and Community Development(804) [email protected] Old Forest Village is a newly constructed development for people

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Greenhouse Village Housing Phase 2

There is a significant need in Rockbridge County for safe, decent and affordable housing for low- to moderate income (LMI) households. Phase 2 is improving living conditions of twelve (12) LMI households through the provision of street, water and sewer activities (CDBG funds) and single-family housing production activities (non-CDBG funds). This phase follows a similar Phase 1 project in which eight (8) LMI households were improved.

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