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Charles Young Park Playground

Improvements have led to this park becoming the number one visited park in downtown Lexington and continues to support numerous programs and community events for the adjacent neighborhoods. The adjacent Town Branch Commons trail will soon celebrate the completion of construction in 2022; however, the adjacent plaza to Charles Young Park has already been completed and safely accommodates visitors to the park as they move from the park to the trail. The investment by the city to renovate the playground and construct the downtown trail has led to an additional $1.25M in private funds to be invested in the park toward downtown’s first nature inspired splash pad. This water play zone will offer water-based sensory and educational experiences for all ages and abilities while providing a direct and meaningful connection between the existing playground and the city-wide trail system.

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Homes, Inc. Single Family Homeownership

Christopher Banks originally contacted HOMES in 2017 to pursue homeownership but at the time of application, he was not in a position to move forward. He decided to stick with it and was eventually able to qualify for a mortgage loan through USDA Rural Development’s 502 program. Many applicants decide to go another route and end up getting manufactured housing that is of lesser quality and depreciates in value, but by sticking with it, the Banks’s ended up with a new home that they love.

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Outdoor Venture Corporation Expansion Project

Whitley City received funds and passed them on to the local non-profit which carried out the activity. The non-profit purchased equipment and leased it to Outdoor Venture Corporation which in turn will create up to 150 new jobs with at least 51% will be given to those that are from Low-to-Moderate Income families. The company produces military shelters and accessories.

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