Turning Point Renovation

Winterset, Iowa – 3rd Congressional District

Ross Jolly/Director of Operations
Turning Point Evaluation, Inc.
Phone:  515-462-5967
[email protected]

This project will involve renovations to an existing mental health facility (Turning Point Evaluation, Inc.) which provides services to primarily LMI persons.  Turning Point offers essential outpatient therapy services in four areas: mental health, substance abuse, behavioral health intervention services, and equine-assisted psychotherapy. In 2018, Turning Point completed renovations to the top floor of the building.  While the organization has invested approximately $120,000 into the physical facility since taking possession, the building still needs major investment to meet long-term needs in the ever-changing mental health sphere. 

This project is just getting underway. When completed, it will allow the facility to increase the number of persons served by approximately 25%, from 288 currently served to potentially 350.  Community partners also use the conference room of the facility for family team meetings, meetings with attorneys, and family/individual needs with professional providers.  Turning Point provides services to enhance the quality of life for the individuals served. 

The project was awarded funds in February of 2021 and is just getting underway. Anticipated completion date of the project is June of 2022.

Madison County, Madison County Public Health, Central Iowa Community Services, and a steady increase in referrals from local school districts, juvenile court system, DHS, churches, and other therapists has created the motivation for this project.

CDBG $170,000
Private funds $96,725 – Turning Point, Inc.
Total: $266,725

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