Safford Street Waterline Improvements

Tombstone, AZ – 2nd Congressional District

The existing Safford Street waterline serves the most dense residential neighborhood in Tombstone. The water line is well over 100 years old and is failing in many places. Replacement of the waterline will benefit residents with improved water quality and service as well as fire protection. The upgrade was funded through a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) award of $480,360 from the Arizona Department of Housing.

Although the improvements to the waterline had system-wide benefits to the Tombstone water system as a whole, the population most immediately served are 1,225 persons, 57.14% of which are low-to-moderate income. Tombstone overall is 59% low-and-moderate income.

The City of Tombstone intends to use future CDBG awards to continue the phased water system improvements for the entire community.

• City of Tombstone
• South Eastern Arizona Governments Organization
• KE&G Contruction, Inc.
• Brown and Associates
• Smyth Industries

Michael “Mac” McMillan, Project Manager
(520) 457-3028
[email protected]

Alex Gradillas, Public Works Director
(520) 457-3415
[email protected]

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