Rock Springs Flood Recovery

Village of Rock Springs, WI Congressional District WI-2

Jennifer Roloff, Clerk/Treasurer
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Lisa Zautke, Village President
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Village of Rock Springs’s was flooded during historic flooding of the Baraboo River in 2008, 2018 and 2019. Repetitive flooding caused extensive damage to the library and community center, downtown businesses and destroyed housing, creating a need for the Village to relocate essential operations out of the floodway.  The village is constructing a new municipal building which houses the library, community center, fire station, public works and village hall.  Village infrastructure is also being upgraded and repaired.  The Village is pursuing CDBG Disaster Recovery funding to assist with development of replacement housing.

The Village of 385 residents of which 55% are low to moderate income households will benefit from moving essential community operations to higher ground to avoid the impact of future flooding.  Improved infracture and village services will allow the village to serve present and future residents for many years to come. 

Flood recovery projects within the Village have received financial support from FEMA, USDA, HUD-CDBG, local donations and Village investment.  State of Wisconsin CDBG programs supported the proposed projects because a funding gap existed and the projects aligned well with State CDBG program goals to benefit low to moderate income persons through improved infrastructure, economic opportunity and housing.

Spring of 2021 marked the start of building demolition and removal as well as construction of the new municipal building.  Infrastructure improvement projects will begin in summer of 2021. 

A CDBG Disaster Recovery grant application is pending and if approved will support development of a 16 unit apartment building.  These projects are expected to be complete in 2022.

Project Type Infrastructure, Public Services, Housing


  • CDBG Wisconsin Public Facilities & Emergency Assistance Program
  • CDBG Disaster Recovery
  • Private funds, Library Donations
  • FEMA
  • USDA
  • Village Tax Increment Financing
  • Total $4,793,310

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