Outdoor Venture Corporation Expansion Project


Whitley City,McCreary County Kentucky 5th District



Whitley City received funds and passed them on to the local non-profit which carried out the activity. The non-profit purchased equipment and leased it to Outdoor Venture Corporation which in turn will create up to 150 new jobs with at least 51% will be given to those that are from Low-to-Moderate Income families. The company produces military shelters and accessories.

  • Outdoor Venture Corporation has committed to hire up to 150 new full time jobs.
  • Project is underway. The company is adding 150 jobs which should be completed in December 2021

Project Type Economic development

• CDBG $1,000,000
• Private funds $1,250,000
• Abandoned Mine Land Funding $3,500,000
Total $5,750,000

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