Lincolnshire Drive Drainage Improvements

"By implementing the proposed improvements, this project will not only greatly alleviate the persistent flooding issues in the area but also enhance the community's resilience. The project will focus on designing and constructing robust drainage systems and road-side infrastructure that can effectively manage stormwater and reduce the risk of flooding. By providing a reliable and efficient drainage network, the project will protect properties, enhance access for residents, and mitigate the negative impacts of repetitive flooding."
Stephen Williams
Georgetown County

Georgetown County SC, 7th Congressional District

The Lincolnshire Drive area in Georgetown County suffers from nuisance flooding after every rain storm. During normal storm events, water remains in the roadways and ditches for days but during major storm events, there can be up to 2’ of standing water in the area. The flooding prevents emergency vehicles from accessing the community due to the significant amount of standing water on the roads and also creates driving concerns for residents trying to leave their homes. Residents keep tall boots handy for the sole purpose of getting to their cars and homes through the high water. Beyond the safety concerns, the standing water also deteriorates roads and driveways and creates an opportunity for mosquitos and other insects to lay eggs, which creates health concerns for the community. In addition to the flooding on the streets and in the yards, some of the homes also flood, resulting in property damage.

Benefits & Innovation

There are 113 homes in the project service area that are occupied by a total of 349 persons, of whom 197 are low to moderate income (56% LMI). 

The environmental review process has been completed and the county is acquiring the necessary easements for the proposed drainage improvements. Once the easments are acquired, the project will be advertised for bids. Construction is expected to take about 8 months. After completion of the Lincolnshire Drive area, there are 3 additional areas identified in the drainage study where the same flooding issues occur which will need to be addressed.

Partner Engagement
As a result of resident complaints, Georgetown County conducted a drainage study for the overall area known as Spring Gully, which includes the affected Lincolnshire Drive neighborhood. Lincolnshire Drive is the first area being addressed for the drainage issues identified in the study. There are three (3) additional areas identified in the drainage study that have similar flooding issues as those in the Lincolnshire Drive area.


  • CDBG $750,000
  • Other public funds (Georgetown County) $222,000
  • Total $972,000

Caroline Griffin, Deputy Director – Business Incentives & Community Development
SC Department of Commerce
[email protected]

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