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“I live in the area served by the Rogers Water System and I stopped by when the project was almost complete, the before and after was a big difference! It has helped tremendously because I no longer have to purchase water to cook and drink. I am a long-term resident of the area and the pump had not been updated since the 1960s, so not only is the water and the water pressure better but also the appearance is incredible.”
Ann Breland
Rogers Water Community System beneficiary

Jena, Louisiana, 5th Congressional District 

The LaSalle Parish Police Jury completed a water system improvements project for the Rogers Community Water System, Inc. The Rogers Community Water System, Inc. maintains two water wells, a standpipe, chlorination system, and various distribution system components. Prior to the improvements completed by CDBG, this system met EPA’s primary drinking water standards, however the condition of the systems only finished water storage tank was an alarming source for contamination. Roughly two-thirds of the standpipe’s roof had corroded leaving unrestricted access to precipitation, bugs, birds, varmints, etc. In 2016, Louisiana Department of Health put the water system under a mandatory boil advisory that was still in effect at the start of this project in 2022. With the assistance of LCDBG the Parish was able to rehabilitate the interior and exterior of the standpipe including roof replacement and site work, replace the meter and discharge assembly in the water wells, and complete site piping, electrical, and control work needed to complete the project.

Benefits & Innovation
All repairs to the Rogers Water System, Inc. benefited 249 persons that no longer receive substandard water service. LaSalle Parish Police Jury conditionally closed the project on July 14, 2023 and all work has been completed. 


  • Rogers Community Water System, Inc. located in Jena, Louisiana 
  • Skylan Construction Inc. 
  • Shuler Consulting Company (Engineering Firm) 
  • GNF Management (Administrative Consulting Firm)  


  • CDBG $435,000  
  • Local Funds $37,900 
  • Total $472,900

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