Gooding County Emergency Medical Services Building

Gooding County, Idaho – Congressional District 2

Dennis Porter, CDBG Program Manager
Idaho Department of Commerce
(208) 287-0782
[email protected]

Barbara Porter, EMS Director
Gooding County Emergency Medical Service
(208) 934-4015
[email protected]

Gooding County constructed a 5,320 square foot, 4-bay Emergency Medical Services (EMS) building with offices, sleeping quarters, small kitchen, meeting room, restrooms, and decontamination and shower area.

The new facility will provide sufficient space to allow for the training and certification of the County’s EMS — supporting the transition from basic emergency medical service to a team that includes licensed paramedics.

The project is complete.

CDBG: $500,000
Other public funds: $481,548 (County Cash)
Total: $981,548

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