Fulton County – 2021 Microenterprise Program

Fulton County, New York, 21st Congressional District 

Fulton County, NY identified lack of access to capital as a barrier to entry for potential entrepreneurs. Commercial lenders often view start-up and non-traditiponal businesses as too risky to support. The County provided small grants of up to $35,000 to 14 under-capitalized businesses throughout the County to be used for working capital and machinery and equipment. 

Final reporting was submitted on January 11, 2023. As of July 2023, the project is complete. 

Benefits & Innovation
The project provided a significant benefit to Fulton County and its neighboring communities. The project funded 14 businesses in total. Three of the businesses were owned by low to moderate income owners. The other businesses created 15 FTE jobs that benefited low to moderate income individuals.

Partner Engagement

  • Fulton County 
  • Fulton County Center for Regional Growth 
  • CDBG- Office of Community Renewal 



  • CDBG $300,000 
  • Equity $26,000 
  • Total $326,000 


Scott Horton, Chairperson, Fulton County
[email protected]  

Ronald Peters, President & CEO, Fulton County Center for Regional Growth
[email protected]  

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