Front Street Redevelopment Phase 1

Fallon, NV, Congressional District NV-2

Derek Zimney
City of Fallon
[email protected]

The purpose of the project is for the installation of infrastructure that will create accessibility to Maine Street. The work will include demolition, repaving Front Street and the associated curb, gutters, and sidewalk replacement.

  • Total Beneficiaries: 2,425;  Low-to-Moderate Income: 1,350 –  55.60%
  • With better access to the Maine St in Fallon the city would like to add new businesses and anticipates that there will be 49 long-term jobs that will have been retained or create when the project is complete.
  • The project is underway and expected to be completed in Spring 2021.

Project Type Infrastructure

Partner Engagement

  • City of Fallon Regional Transportation Commission Funds
  • City of Fallon Enterprise Funds
  • City of Fallon General Fund


  • CDBG $630,444
  • Other public funds $1,718,556
  • Total $2,349,000

“The Front St. project is a key component to the City of Fallon’s phased improvement of access to Fallon’s Maine St. corridor. The project has brought updated utilities to one of Fallon’s older neighborhoods and has greatly improved pedestrian and vehicular access to businesses currently located on Maine St.. With the improved access, the City is certain that existing businesses will benefit from increased traffic and that new businesses will be incentivized to locate to the Maine St. corridor and the surrounding areas. There is no doubt the project enhances the economic opportunities and quality of life for the residents of our City and helps showcase our wonderful community to our visitors.”

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