Elgood Water Extension

“We’ve gotten calls and calls and calls. People are happy we’re doing something to clean up Mercer County.”
Mercer County Commissioner Vinciguerra

Mercer County, WV – 3rd Congressional District

The lack of adequate raw water in the Dan Hale Reservoir limited further expansion of the District’s water system until the Mercer/Summers Regional Water Project (Phase I) was completed. The Elgood Water Extension Project (Phase IV) provides safe and potable water supplies to the residents of the communities noted above and replaces the wells that are currently running dry, have high iron content, high sulfur content, and have the danger of fecal content.  Additionally, the Elgood Water Extension Project provides fire protection from fire hydrants which was previously not available.

The Elgood Water Extension Project is in an underdeveloped area of Mercer County and extends water services to 162 households with a population of approximately 397 individuals. Of those individuals, 283 (71%) are from Low- and Moderate-Income households.

• CDBG: $1,246,723
• Private Funds: $576,367 (West Virginia American Water)
• Other Public Funds: $2,909,679 (Oakvale Road PSD, WVIJDC Grant and Loan)
• Total: $4,732,769

• Mercer County Commission
• Region I Planning and Development Council (RPDC)
• Oakvale Road Public Service District
• West Virginia Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council (IJDC)
• West Virginia Community Development and Advancement Office

Ryan Halsey, CDBG Project Manager
West Virginia Community Development and Advancement Office
[email protected]

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