Bottle Art Lofts

Lafayette, Louisiana

The “Four Corners” intersection and neighborhood in Lafayette once stood as a hub of community, culture, and commerce with restaurants, a theater, and local businesses lining all four corners. Historically serving as the vibrant gateway to downtown and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, the long neglected, crime ridden, and disinvested thoroughfare remained the route used by residents and visitors to arrive in the city. This block was a direct obstacle for economic investment and development in the area. HRI Communities, LLC (HRIC) joined the City of Lafayette and the Office of Community Development in making a catalytic investment and transformed a vacant and blighted Coca-Cola bottling building, an adjacent warehouse and the infamous LessPay Motel at the historic Four Corners intersection into a 105-unit affordable artist housing property, known as the Bottle Art Lofts. The Bottle Arts Loft community is a leader in the state of Louisiana in incorporating and heeding disaster-resilient and sustainable design, construction, and operating practices. The second phase of the development (65 units) is the first multifamily project in the state to secure a FORTIFIED Gold Certification by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety. The project is also Enterprise Green Communities certified with a heightened focus on energy and water efficiency and overall community well-being. The Bottle Art Lofts project serves as a testament to the state’s leadership and proactive approach in addressing the evolving needs of its citizens and promoting positive change in the community.

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