Pennsylvania CDBG

Donna M Enrico               
[email protected]
PA Department of Community and Economic Development

CDBG Formula
Acquisition of Real Property
Architectural Barrier Removal
Disposition of Real Property
Public Facilities and Improvements
Public Services
Interim Assistance
Loss of Rental Income
Privately-Owned Utilities
Code Enforcement
Special Economic Development Activities
Microenterprise Assistance
Special Activities by CBDOs
Homeownership Assistance
Planning and Capacity Building
Program Administration Costs
Clearance, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, and Construction of Buildings (including Housing)
Activities carried out through Non-Profit Development Organizations
Housing Services
Assistance to Institutions of Higher Education
In-Rem Housing
Construction of Tornado-Safe Shelters
Lead-based Paint Hazard Evaluation and Reduction         

Any activities that eligible under the entitlement program is eligible under our program.  Majority of the activities are infrastructure and housing rehabilitation.            

Economic Development
Public Facilities
Public Services
Planning & Technical Assistance
Housing Accessibility     

PS – rental and mortgage, utility assistance, mental health services, lending libraries, health services, food banks

PF – quarantine site, HVAC in community/senior centers

INFRA – broadband

Housing – one housing accessibility project to keep seniors and disabled in their homes to avoid congregate settings

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