Maine CDBG

Deborah Johnson
Maine Department of Economic and Community Development
[email protected]

CDBG Formula
Architectural Barrier Removal
Public Facilities and Improvements;
Public Services;
Special Economic Development Activities;
Microenterprise Assistance;
Planning and Capacity Building;
Program Administration Costs;
Clearance, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, and Construction of Buildings (including Housing);
Activities carried out through Non-Profit Development Organizations

CDBG Activities
1. Community Development
a. Home Repair Network
b. Housing Assistance Grants
c. Public Infrastructure Grants
d. Downtown Revitalization Grants
e. Public Service Grants
f. Small Business Development Centers
g. Special Projects
h. Community Enterprise
i. Rural Housing Preservation Program

2. Economic Development
a. Grants to Municipalities for Direct Business Support
b. Micro-Enterprise Grants

Economic Development
Public Services
Planning & Technical Assistance

CDBG-CV Activities
1. Community Development
a. Housing Expense Assistance Program
b. Food Security Program
c. Childcare Scholarships
d. Permanent Supportive Housing

2. Economic Development
a. Micro-Enterprise Program

3. Special Projects

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