Committee Leadership

COSCDA 2021 Committee Leadership

Community Development
Chair: Suzanne Barnard (TX)
Co-Chair: Dennis Porter (ID)
Co- Chair: Josh Hanford (VT)
Co-Chair: Wendy Bell (IL)

Disaster Recovery 
Chair: Patrick Forbes (LA)
Co-Chair: Heather Lagrone (TX)

Co-Chair: Jane Brogan (NY)

Co-Chair: Susan Naramore (CA)

Co-Chair: Jenny Mason (NE)

Chair: Rebecca Frawley Wachtel (MA)
Co-Chair: Julia Zaffarano (CO)
Co-Chair: Barbara Richards (OH)
Co-Chair: Pam Kestner (VA)

Co-Chair: Rebekah Zahn (OK)
Co-Chair: Nichele Carver (VA)
Co-Chair: Tricia Davis (UT)

Member Services
Chair: Deborah Johnson (ME)
Co-Chair: Patty Herzog (NV)
Co-Chair: Kim Carter (GA)

Nominations and Elections Committee
Cindy Stone (MD)
Keith Heaton (UT)
Iris Payne (NC)

Training and Professional Development Subcommittee
Chair: Jean Noble (AR)
Co-Chair: Donna Enrico (PA)
Co-Chair: Sandra Gunner (LA)

Technology Subcommittee
Deborah Johnson (ME)
Kent Archer (TN)

Awards Review Subcommittee
Traci Watts (LA)
Nancy Palmer (VA)
Rebecca Frawley Wachtel (MA)
Sharon Deal (ID)
Nichole Hansen (IA)

Guiding Committee Appointment Principles:

1. No officers as committee chairs
2. No state has two chairs
3. Generally, seek co-chairs from different states than board members
4. Maximize leadership opportunities for chairs and co-chairs
5. Maximize regional diversity