Sunflower County Parmida LED Technologies

“Parmida’s decision is further evidence that we are a strong state for companies with distribution and e-commerce needs. Mississippi’s skilled and dedicated workforce makes our state an elite destination to do business, and I wish the company many years of success in the Mississippi Delta.”

Indianola, Mississippi, Congressional District 2

This project consists of a renovation of a publicly-owned building for a long-term lease to Parmida LED Technologies. This will be a new warehouse and distribution facility which will create 20 new jobs.

Parmida’s move to Indianola and Sunflower County will create a minimum of 20-net new jobs of which at least 11 will go to low-and- moderate income individuals.

Renovations are currently under construction and the expected completion is for January 2022.

MS Capital Improvement Loan: $1,500,000
Community Development Block Grant: $400,000
Private contribution: $1,000,000
Total: $2,900,000

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