Livingston County – Strange Design Brewing Company

Geneseo, Livingston County, New York, 24th Congressional District 

With the goal of creating a larger location in a more densely populated area, Strange Design Brewing Company identified a vacant, historic building at 4570 Millennium Drive in the Village of Geneseo, NY which had been acquired by a developer and was targeted for redevelopment. The project allowed an existing craft brewery to expand into Livingston County and create a distinct brand, encouraged the reuse and repurposing of an historic building consistent with the goals and objectives of Village’s Comprehensive Plan. The project created another destination along the NYS Finger Lakes Beer trail. 

Expenses have been submitted and paid, and final reporting is complete pending final administrative closeout. 


Benefits & Innovation
Substantial additional benefit to Livingston County and the Village of Geneseo occurred through the revitalization and repurposing of an iconic building, increased sales tax revenues, and the creation of 8 FTE positions.  


Partner Engagement

  • Livingston County
  • Livingston County Development Corporation
  • CDBG- Office of Community Renewal 



  • CDBG $100,000 
  • Equity $57,000 
  • Bank $25,000 
  • LDC $61,052 
  • Local $38,948
  • Total $282,000 


Strange Design Brewing Company
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Maureen Wheeler, Deputy Director Economic Development, Livingston County Development Corporation
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William Bacon, Director, Livingston County Development Corporation
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