Irving Senior Community Center

City of Ada, Oklahoma 

The City of Ada Covid Response Project included a request for CDBG-CV funds for the expansion of nutrition, medical, and mental health services for low- to moderate-income seniors at the city’s Irving Senior Center. During the pandemic,  the city sought to maintain the physical and mental health of its senior adults. Through a collaboration between the City of Ada and the Irving Senior Center, the CDBG-CV program was able to provide hot meals and weekend food bags throughout the pandemic, mental health assistance for seniors by providing physical activity via the construction of a walking trail around the center, and medical supplies to prevent the spread of COVID and other possible diseases 

Benefits & Innovation
Research has shown there is a connection between loneliness and an increased risk of premature death, dementia, stroke, depression, anxiety, and suicide. Because of the COVID pandemic, self-isolation and social distancing increased, causing the potential for added mental health problems for seniors. By way of this program, seniors were able to receive proper nutrition, resources to support mental health, and medical equipment to prevent the spreading of disease. To date, the program has served thousands of low- to moderate-income seniors with over 74,000 meals in Ada. The program continues to provide support to the community

The City of Ada is on schedule to close this project by July 30, 2023.  


  • Oklahoma Department of Commerce 
  • City of Ada 
  • Irving Senior Center 


  • CDBG $639,429.83 
  • City of Ada $94,572 
  • Total $734,001.83 

Marshall Vogts, Community Development Director, State of Oklahoma
[email protected]
Kellon Dixon, Director of Programs Planning
[email protected]   
Rebecca LaVictoire, Program Manager
[email protected] 

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