Hundred Nights, Inc.

“Without the help and support of Hundred Nights, many of us would be hungry and sleeping out in the frigid weather. Hundred Nights takes care of us when we can’t take care of ourselves. Hundred Nights saves us when we can’t save ourselves. If we all pull together we can make this program an even better, safer place.”
Hundred Nights, Inc

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Keene, New Hampshire, New Hampshire 2nd Congressional District


Hundred Nights, Inc. provides shelter and crisis related services to those at risk of or experiencing homelessness in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. The organization’s year-round services currently operates out of three separate locations throughout Keene. To more effectively and efficiently serve individuals and families at risk of or experiencing homelessness, Hundred Nights, Inc. is leveraging Community Development Block Grant resources to develop a new, 48-bed emergency shelter and resource center. The new building will provide a centralized, permanent home for a safe and accessible emergency shelter alongside supportive and case management services to help individuals and families throughout the Monadnock Region regain stability. The new location is also within walking distance of partner agencies.

Amidst the early stages of the pandemic, Hundred Nights, Inc. also used $324,987 in Community Development Block Grant resources to deliver public services. These services included running a decompression shelter and housing of homeless individuals at risk of COVID-19.

The project is currently underway. Construction on the facility began in April 2022. Hundred Nights plans to move into the new building in early 2023.


Benefits & Innovation

  • 48 beds for emergency shelter and a resource center with supportive services for clients;
  • Benefit an estimated 484 individuals, of whom 100% will be low- to moderate-income. This includes an estimated 60% of beneficiaries with a disabling condition and approximately ten (10) families experiencing homelessness.



  • CDBG Public Facilities: $500,000
  • CDBG Public Services: $324,987
  • Total project cost: approximately $6.2 million

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