Grambling Economic Development Project

Grambling, Lincoln Parish, Louisiana, Congressional District LA-5

Traci Watts
Office of Community Development-Local Government Assistance
[email protected]

This area had no access to a grocery store for 35 years.  The project had the potential to create jobs and make a difference in the lives of the entire community.  It was an opportunity for the Town to retain sales tax revenue that was being lost to neighboring cities.  The Town was also able to collect additional property taxes. 

  • There were at least 69 jobs created, but the project benefited the entire community of Grambling, including Grambling State University.  This population of this area is predominantly low to moderate income. 
  • This project provided public infrastructure to serve Legends Market, the first grocery store in Grambling in 35 years and the first pharmacy ever.  Grambling is a city in Lincoln Parish with a population of 3,495 persons and is predominately low and moderate income.

Project Type Economic Development


  • CDBG  $329,000
  • Private funds  $110,000

Total $439,000