Creative Aging

Memphis & Shelby County, TN – Congressional Districts 8 & 9

Older adults are valuable members of our community and should have access to creative opportunities. Creative Aging offers music and arts experiences that promote cognitive vitality, reduce isolation, and provide opportunities for social cohesion.

Through hands on art classes and both virtual and in-person music events, Creative Aging supports enhancing seniors’ well-being and providing opportunities for building connection and social capital.  There is a disproportionate impact of pandemic responses for our elderly populations that exacerbate isolation and a lack of connectivity, bringing greater urgency and need to build capacity for organizations such as Creative Aging.  Their work supports vibrant and connected communities that have lasting impacts for our elderly residents.

Creative Aging’s programs span music performances, language courses, art classes (including painting, drawing, and other hands-on crafts), creative writing, and even dulcimer lessons! These classes allow us to support over hundreds of eligible beneficiaries with this CDBG Public Services program. In addition to supporting creative outlets for seniors, this also supports artists and performers in our local area, valuing their work and helping support careers in the arts and culture sector. Our artists develop long-lasting relationships with our clients, and go above and beyond to support our seniors in expanding their creative interests. We look forward to continuing this relationship and help support access to these creative endeavors for our seniors in the Urban County.

300 beneficiaries annually

CDBG: $50,000/annually (ongoing contract budgeted each year)

Dana Sjostrom
Planning and Programs Manager
Shelby County Division of Planning and Development, Department of Housing
[email protected]

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