Program Managers Training Conference Agenda

Message from the President

March 21, 2022 waiting on new letter

Dear COSCDA Member:

 Welcome to COSCDA’s 2023 Annual Program Manager’s Conference. On behalf of the COSCDA board and staff, I want to thank you for your attendance at the  Conference to expand your knowledge and expertise in the programs that we administer.  Our agenda is filled with opportunities to stimulate your professional development and hear from many officials from the federal government, subject matter experts on a variety of relevant topics, your colleagues in states across the country along with COSCDA partners in Washington, DC.  This conference will offer you tools to respond to existing needs while equipping you to anticipate and shape the future

 For the second year, our virtual Program Manager’s Conference is being offered as four separate program tracks: Community Development, Housing, Homelessness, and Disaster Recovery. We have also interspersed several cross-cutting topics.  Over the next four days, we will hear from many national experts, as well as panel sessions that include COSCDA members, who will showcase their work in support of communities across our great nation.  While we are not gathering in person and miss out on face-to-face networking opportunities, I encourage you to take advantage of the resources offered during our time together. 

Strong member participation is the linchpin to COSCDA’s ongoing success in the housing, homelessness, community development and disaster recovery arenas.  Even in this virtual environment, this gathering reaffirms that for COSCDA, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Together, we create synergies that result in outcomes beyond what we can do working only in your States—peer resources are identified, future training needs are prioritized, best practices are shared. Together, we renew the process of creating and refining our agendas for continuous improvement on behalf of the communities we serve.

I want to especially thank the COSCDA staff for organizing our second virtual event and to the Program Committees who shaped the content. We will remain vigilant in assisting COSCDA members to continuously improve their effectiveness and extending the benefits of our programs.  And, again, we thank each of you for making attendance at this training conference a priority.


 Deborah Johnson
COSCDA President 

COSCDA Board of Directors

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Vice President

Alison George


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Janice L. Waddell

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Regional Representative-MidWestern

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Regional Representative-Eastern

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Regional Representative-Western

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Jean Noble


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Dianne Taylor

Executive Director

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Conference Training Coordinator

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Director of Advocacy and Federal Programs

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