Sterling Achievement Award Application

The Sterling Achievement Award shall recognize those state agency programs that have demonstrated, over a sustained period of time, positive results in improving the lives of lower income persons and families in the following three program areas:

Community/Economic Development

Housing Assistance

Homelessness Assistance/Prevention

Member agency programs are eligible for recognition, as are those administered by COSCDA associate and homelessness members. These programs shall reflect the best practices of the agency to resolve community needs, house those in need including special needs populations like the homeless, disabled, elderly and farm workers, and provide meaningful job opportunities to raise the person’s or families economic wealth and improve their self-sufficiency.


Tangible Results. Must be able to demonstrate the need for the program, and its documented, measurable results over the last three years.

Transferability. Demonstrate how the program can be replicated by other states, including identification of the key components driving the program’s success.

Sustainability. Demonstrate how the program will be continued by the state, any anticipated improvements, and on-going performance measurements of outcomes expected.


All member agencies, including associate and homelessness members, may nominate a program, and are encouraged to nominate their own programs.


The Awards Committee appointed by the Board, consisting of the chair of Member Services Committee and at least two other COSCDA members, shall review and select the award recipients.

TANGIBLE RESULTS. Be specific about how the program has met its performance objectives. Provide documentation, including photos or personal stories of how the program has improved the lives of individuals and families.

TRANSFERABILITY. Explain which qualities of the program or policy can be adapted to other states. Identify the critical elements of success for transfer to other states.

SUSTAINABILITY. Describe how the program will be sustained over the longer term, whaperformance measures are for the future, and resources committed to continue the program.

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