This award recognizes the individual from COSCDA member agencies that has, over the last five years, made the most significant contribution to the work and mission of COSCDA.

A member’s contribution can be demonstrated in a number of ways, including but not limited to: frequent and active participation in COSCDA workshops and conferences; responsiveness to staff requests for information or surveys; providing well prepared and thoughtful input on developing COSCDA policy positions; service on committees; making Congressional visits or contacts on COSCDA positions; providing peer to peer assistance to other members; active support for and participation in regional meetings of states; serving as trainers in COSCDA sponsored boot camps; and other roles to support and advance the COSCDA vision, mission and strategic plan.

NOTE: COSCDA officers are not eligible to receive this award.


Sustained participation in the work of COSCDA. Demonstrated results in promoting and advancing the mission of COSCDA. Serve as a “model” for membership involvement and participation for other members.


Any individual from a member agency may nominate another individual for recognition, but may not nominate his or her self.


The Awards Committee appointed by the Board, consisting of the chair of Member Services Committee and at least two other COSCDA members, shall review and select the award recipients

James E. Reeves Member Contribution Award Application

To nominate a COSCDA member who has made a significant and sustained contribution to the work and mission of COSCDA over the past five years, please answer the following: Please note, individuals cannot nominate themselves for this award, and COSCDA officers cannot be nominated.

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