2018 – 2019

Community Development:
Chair: Joanie Perry (GA-S)
Co-Chair: Dennis Porter, (ID–W)
Co- Chair: Josh Hanford (VT-E)

Chair: Rebecca Frawley-Wachtel (MA-E)
Co-Chair: Carrie Kronberg (CO-W)
Co-Chair: Gloria Paradise (NH-E)

Chair: Matthew LaMantia (OH-MW)
Co-Chair: Rebekah Zahn (OK-MW)
Co-Chair: Nichele Carver (VA-S)

Member Services:
Chair: Deborah Johnson (ME-E)
Co-Chair: Cheryl Brown (UT-W)

Training and Professional Development Subcommittee
Chair: Jean Nobel (AR-S)
Co-Chair: Donna Enrico (PA-E)

Awards Review Subcommittee
Chair: Traci Watts (LA-S)
Nancy Palmer (VA-S)
Rebecca Frawley-Wachtel (MA-E)
Sharon Deal (ID-W)
Steve Holt (MD-E)
Nichole Hansen (IA-MW)
Becky Baxter (OR-W)

Nominations and Elections Committee
Cindy Stone (MD-E)
Jean Barrette (NV-W)
Josh Hanford (VT-E)

Committee Principles:
1. No officers as committee chairs
2. No state has two chairs
3. Generally, seek co-chairs from different states than board members
4. Maximize leadership opportunities for chairs and co-chairs
5. Maximize regional diversity