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Dianne E. Taylor is the Executive Director and has overall management responsibility for the operation of the organization, to include fiscal, staffing and operational. She has responsibility for membership services, internal management, external representation, including advocacy on a host of programmatic and regulatory issues of importance to the COSCDA members, policy development and ethics. Dianne is the primary liaison to the COSCDA Board of Directors, the governing body of the organization.

Ms. Taylor has extensive experience in community development and legislative activities, Prior to joining COSCDA; Dianne served as director for the National Community Development Association (NCDA). She worked for five years in planning and community development for the town of Warrenton, VA, as well as serving as housing development specialist in Pittsburgh, PA. She holds a M.S. in community economic development from New Hampshire College and a B.A. in urban planning/community organizing from the University of Pittsburgh.

Linda Thompson is the Senior Director of Advocacy and Federal Programs. She covers all policy aspects of state and federal community development, housing and homeless programs and advocates for the federal programs in Congress. Ms. Thompson worked at HUD for 10 years in the State and Entitlement CDBG programs, providing training and writing regulations on several CDBG issues. Before joining HUD, Linda evaluated federal housing programs at GAO and on Capitol Hill.

Angel Billingsley, Operations and Office Manager, is the key administrative support person for COSCDA. Her responsibilities include data base and web management, conference and training logistics, technical assistant for IT solutions, and membership.

Michael Lightfield is the Fiscal and Finance Manager and has primary responsibility for COSCDA’s fiscal and budgetary issues. He is also the President of Lightfield Wealth Management.

Josh Shumaker leads COSCDA’s government relations as Director of Advocacy and Federal Programs. Representing COSCDA’s three mission areas of community development, housing, and homelessness, he engages federal partners and national stakeholders to ensure federal resources and policies adequately respond to state and local needs. Prior to joining COSCDA, Josh served in a similar role with the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO). He also has experience in working with local governments on community and infrastructure issues in his home state of Tennessee. Josh holds degrees from Wofford College and the University of Memphis.